Ricco Story

Ricco Wines:
A Legacy of Innovation and Tradition

My sister Barbara and I were fortunate to grow up in a close-knit Italian family deeply rooted in the art of winemaking.
For six generations, our family had passionately crafted wines of the highest quality, preserving age-old traditions while nurturing an unwavering commitment to excellence.

As the years went by, we found ourselves immersed in the world of winemaking, constantly seeking ways to elevate our craft.
We were driven by the belief that great wines could not only honor our rich traditions but also embrace innovation, all while respecting the environment that sustained our vineyards.

One warm summer day, while gathered with friends and family on the patio of our beach house, savoring glasses of our sweet, chilled Candoni Moscato alongside homemade desserts and fruit plates, inspiration struck. It was during this moment of pure enjoyment that the idea for something new was born – a fun and refreshing wine cocktail.

With excitement and spontaneity, we rushed into the kitchen, where we chopped and puréed fresh peaches and mangoes, blending them harmoniously with our Moscato wine. Our hearts raced with anticipation as we returned to our guests, shouting, “Surprise!” and pouring these colorful concoctions into their glasses.

The response was overwhelming. Our impromptu creation delighted our palates and brought joy to all those present. A dear friend raised his glass, exclaiming, “BUONO E RICCO” – good and rich, and we couldn’t have agreed more.

That day we realized that this idea was too special not to be shared with the world. It was this very moment that marked the birth of Ricco Wines.

We embarked on an extraordinary journey, working tirelessly with our dedicated winemakers to perfect our Ricco Wine Cocktails. Their success in various markets was beyond our wildest dreams.

Ricco line is  meant to be enjoyed with your loved ones – a toast to tradition, innovation, and the joy of good company.


Barbara and Caterina Candoni De Zan


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